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Friday, November 11, 2022

Which Flower Is A Symbol Of Veterans Day (Nov 11th, 2022)?

After the world war ended on 11th November 2022, the small and pretty red flower, the poppy became the symbolization of the sacrifices made by all those members of the armed forces who stood up and defended the country in all the wars. 

Apart from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Belgium also started celebrating 11th November by different names in their countries. The people there started wearing the red poppy flower to remember and commemorate all civilians and the military force's staff who lost their lives in the war and to honor the living veterans.

The story of the poppy flower’s association with the war and all the people who took part in the war has a deeper meaning and a symbolic story in the background.

What Flower Is A Symbol Of Veterans Day 2022

In the First World War, in the northernmost part of the western front, there was a place called Belgium Flanders. It was one of the most beautiful countryside areas before the war, but after the war, it was one of the most fought on battlefields with dead men and women and was really devastated. The soil of the area bore no plant or trees but surprisingly started sprouting poppy flowers.

What Flower Is The Symbol Of Veterans Day 2022

Inspired by this place, a Canadian doctor and poet, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, wrote a poem titled ‘In Flanders fields’ in May 1915 which became world-famous and was a part of all war memorial ceremonies.
Encouraged and motivated by this poem, an American professor, Moina Michael wrote ‘We shall keep the faith’ poem and became a champion for making the poppy a symbol of remembrance for war veterans worldwide. Many organizations were also formed to raise funds for war veterans to help them make a new life which also made and sold red silk poppies.
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